hypnosis for Pain control 

What is involved in a hypnotherapy session?


Sessions last for 60 minutes (except for smoking sessions) and during this time you will spend some time exploring the issue to help find the best possible approach to develop an effective solution for you and the rest of the time will involve entering a relaxing state of hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a very relaxing experience – many people say after the sessions that it is one of the most relaxing treatments they have ever had. During hypnosis you will be guided into a comfortable state of relaxation and then suggestions, visualisations or other techniques used as part of the intervention to help you achieve your outcome. For most issues you will be given a recording of the hypnosis on the first session to take away and practice with.


Most people are consciously aware of everything that is said in the sessions, although some people drift into deep states of relaxation and lose conscious attention – this really doesn’t matter because in hypnosis we are most interested in giving positive suggestions to your unconscious mind.


People will only accept positive suggestions that are relevant to them in hypnosis. At no time will anyone accept suggestions which go against someone’s beliefs and values.


Cost of the Sessions


The hypnotherapy sessions cost £80, apart from stopping smoking which involves a longer session.


How many sessions will I need?


It is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions you will need in advance. As a general rule most issues are resolved in around 4 – 8 sessions, although some issues may be resolved in less.