Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking London

Do you wish you could stop smoking?


Are you worried about heart disease, lung cancer or other serious conditions smoking can cause?


Are you fed up spending £100’s per year on cancer sticks?


People find that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking. We have helped hundreds of people give up smoking – and it is usually a lot easier than people think it will be!

Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to break any habit or addiction. Smokers usually find that willpower is one of the main things they need help with, and hypnotherapy is a great way to boost willpower.


With hypnotherapy for stopping smoking, you will find strategies to help beat cravings, stop wanting to smoke completely and even dislike cigarettes!


Hypnotherapy has probably helped more people stop than any other treatment!


Every experienced hypnotherapist who has helped clients stop smoking are always impressed at the success rate in getting people to quit smoking with hypnosis. Although nothing can guarantee results, we find time after time that clients who come for hypnotherapy to stop smoking with us and have tried virtually every other treatment, find that hypnosis is the key to really quitting for good!


What is involved?


We either run a one session stopping smoking session lasting for 2 hours, or 3 one hour sessions. Both formats cost exactly the same, however from experience I find that giving clients follow up support is always a good thing.


Many hypnotherapist offer a one session approach and we do exactly this also – and it is highly effective.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis London

If you choose the 3 session approach the structure of the sessions is:


Session 1: Preparing to stop – on this session you will go through ways to help motivate you to stop smoking and you will also choose the date you will stop smoking, which is also the second session


Session 2: Stopping – this is the session where you will have a powerful hypnosis intervention to help you stop for good!


Session 3: Support – this session will reinforce the other 2 sessions and help you beat any left over cravings for good.


The Cost


Because stopping smoking sessions are intensive and specialised, the cost is £200 – this is for either the one session approach (2 hours) or the total cost of 3 sessions lasting one hour.