Help with phobias in Enfield

Hypnosis can be exceedingly effective at helping people deal with phobias.

Phobias are basically an intense and irrational fear to a specific stimulus – developed from a one time learning. People can have phobias about all sorts of things – spiders, snakes, flying, clowns!,balloons – even buttons!

In fact I also once had a phobia which I sorted out with hypnotherapy. I even know when I developed it – when I was a kid my parents had on an episode of Dr Who with some giant spiders and I was hiding behind the curtains in fear! Even since then I developed an intense fear of spiders. When I learned hypnosis I overcome my fear – I wouldn’t particularly want a pet spider now, but I feel quite comfortable with them.

Case Study

Ben had a serious phobia about travelling on the Underground. It started almost a decade previously where he had been on and underground train and it suddenly stopped between carriages, the lights went out and was stuck for over an hour with people screaming thinking there had been a terrorist attack! Fairly clear reason why he developed the phobia! During the session I used several techniques with him and at the end of the session he felt totally comfortable with going on the Underground – in fact he travelled home by underground – the first time he had done that in about 10 years!

Now it is not always the case that a phobia can be dealt with in one session, but hypnosis can really help people beat their phobias once and for all.