Weight loss

Have you –

  •                 Tried lots of diets
  •                 Joined a gym but have problems sticking to it
  •                 Found it difficult to give up foods that tempt you!

If so, our London hypnotherapy sessions could be the ultimate solution for you!

We have 3 different weight loss programmes – Core weight loss programme, Total Weight Loss programme and the Ultimate Weight Loss programme.

Core Weight Loss Programme

All programmes start with the 4 core sessions where you will:


                Change you eating habits and patterns with hypnotic reprogramming

                Discover how to make tempting foods undesirable!

                Discover how to get motivated to do exercise.


On the first session we will explore some of the individual challenges you have faced that have stopped you from effectively losing weight in the past and we will design a programme in hypnosis that will help you achieve your desired weight (we don’t like to talk about weight loss, but instead your ‘desired weight’!).


Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and costs £80 per session. At the end of the first session you will take away a recording of the hypnotic reprogramming from the session to listen to between sessions. This is a vital part of helping you reprogram yourself to change your eating patterns.


Rather than go on a ‘diet’ we look at changing your eating patterns and making changes to you can stick to as well as changes that help you get results.


We recommend the 4 core hypnotherapy sessions to be at weekly intervals.


After the 4 core sessions you should be on your way with all the resources you need to achieve the figure you want!

Total Weight Loss Programme

With the Total Weight Loss Programme, you are ensuring your path to your ideal shape. Starting with the 4 core sessions, you then will continue with 4 more sessions every 2 – 4 weeks giving you all the support you need to keep you on your path to your ideal shape. Each of the final 4 sessions may only be taken when you have lost 4 pounds, increasing the commitment to the programme. We only accept people committed to losing weight on this programme, and for that reason the 8 sessions must be paid in advance.


You will lose the weight you want with this programme!


When you book this programme, you will also get 8 telephone coaching sessions between sessions 4 to 8 – these sessions normally cost £160, but when you commit to this programme you get absolutely free!


Total price for this programme is £640 – can be paid in instalments.

Ultimate Weight Loss Programme

The ultimate programme includes everything in the Total Weight Loss Programme, plus the following incredible components:


8 Personal Training Sessions at half price £40 instead of £80 – saving you £320!


These Personal Training Sessions include designing the best fitness programme for you and include circuit and resistance training as well as martial arts based workouts to burn off calories faster than you could imagine. Also a great way to learn some self defence moves and build your self confidence.


With the reduced price personal training sessions and free coaching sessions you save £480!


Total price for this programme is £1120.


Tom MacKay is not just a but also has trained and worked as a successful personal fitness trainer.