hypnosis for confidence 

Hypnosis can be a great way to boost your confidence.

Do you….


  •                 Wish you could be more confident socially?
  •                 Wish you could be more confident at work and be promoted more readily?
  •                 Wish you could feel great about yourself?

Hypnotherapy can help you feel more confident

Low self esteem and low confidence come from negative programming we have had in the past. Frequently this is in the form of negative messages we have been given time and time again in our childhood, which now leads us to question our own belief in ourselves.


Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and powerful ways to change this negative programming and feel more confident about ourselves. During the sessions you will help agree on new ‘programming’ you would like in the form of powerful positive suggestions, visualisations and other techniques and during the hypnosis you will allow your unconscious mind to internalise these powerful positive messages.


At the end of the first session you will be given a recording of the hypnosis to take away and practice with – training your mind to give yourself powerful positive messages which become part of your way of thinking over time.


Case Study


Mary was in her thirties and had a huge fear of public speaking. The idea of speaking in front of 5 people terrified her, but she had to make a presentation in front of 500 people in 2 weeks time! She came for a few hypnotherapy sessions, and even after the first session had incredible results. Not only did she end up enjoying making the presentation, but she also said that she felt more confident generally than she could remember feeling in her life!



There are occasions where low confidence may arise from deeper rooted issues from life experiences. In these cases it may be that regression techniques to deal with these issues are used, in which case we will develop a programme that will work best for you.