hypnosis for Pain control 

Have you experienced pain for years and years without finding a successful solution?


Would you like to be able to have minor surgery without anaesthetic?


Can hypnotherapy really help in pain management?


The simple answer is ‘yes’.


Hypnosis can be highly effective in helping people to manage their pain. Even in the 19th century the Scottish surgeon Esdaile was using hypnosis in place of anaesthesia with huge success for patients who were even having amputations carried out!


Today there are doctors and dentists who are using hypnosis in place of anaesthesia with incredible results and also more and more people learning how to manage pain through the power of their mind.


It is something that people all over the world can learn to do, and so can you!


Hypnosis and the concept of ‘placebo’ have often been used interchangeably and at the end of the day they are really both the same thing – the power of suggestion and the power of the mind.


In fact an incredible study showed how a common type of knee surgery (with effective results) is in fact no more effective than the power of suggestion! Fake knee surgery was performed on a control group of patients and the results turned out to be as effective as the real thing! Follow this link to read more!